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Design - Forge - Install - Maintain

We Specialize In High Quality, Cost Effective, & Quick Turn-Around Signage Projects

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Cell: Seven One Five-573-0076

Office: Seven One Five-443-0105



The feeling of "stoking the forge's fire" with concepts and ideas, are our passion! We have the skills and ability to corral all the needs and desires of your dream sign, and turn it into a piece that will be completely memorable.  We can start with a simple meet and greet, or with emailing us your concepts.


That first "swing of a new blade" or seeing yourself in new shiny armor is unlike anything else.  Getting your signage to your location and installed, has that same experience.       We take pride and honor from installing your dream sign correctly and on time.


Once we have your design fine tuned, we then put "hammer to anvil" and turn your design into reality! We can forge graphics and signage panels in our local small town shop.  Additionally we team with local Wisconsin manufacturers to build specialty items.


From "battles with weather" or "rusting over time" or "evolving to new times"; we are there to ensure your signage is fresh and sturdy.  Whether you need a new logo, a new coat of paint, or new lights; you can count on us to make sure your sign shines again.

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